speech. He noted the progress made by the country's scientific and technological front in just over a month, saying it has provided forceful support to epidemic prevention and control. At the moment, winning the

people's war against the epidemic still requires hard work, Xi said, stressing more efforts to seek solutions through science. "Saving the lives of more patients is the most pressing and important task," he continued. Xi stressed linking the research on medicines and medical equipment with clinical treatment as well as giving priority to the clinical application of scientific research achievements. Treatment should combine traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, more effective drugs be applied and new treatment methods explored to prevent patients with mild symptoms from becoming severely ill, he said. Advanced treatments using convalescen

t plasma, stem cells and monoclonal antibodies should also be applied to treat severe and critically ill patients, he added. On vaccine, Xi said it is vital to epidemic prevention and control, with its safety the top priority. He called for speeding up the vaccine research and development while closely tracking the progress of related research overseas. Xi urged early clinical trial and application of vaccines, as well as linking research and developmen

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